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You belong to your people

I belong to my people

We all belong to the Earth in this moment

We all belong to the stars always

You have wise & loving ancestors.

 Everyone has ancient ones that are well & everyone can connect with & work with their well ones to heal the dead on their blood lineages that are less well in spirit.

 Much of our suffering is influenced by intergenerational and ancestral wounds.  We have been disconnected from the wise & well ones of our blood & bones.  This disconnection often leads to feeling alone & untethered with a desperate seeking of a place of belonging in our world.   

 Repairing your blood lineages, with the guidance of your ancestors, builds trust between you & your people.  It leads to being more resourced day to day by the unseen world & creates a sense of deep belonging.

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Communion with your people

Communion with yourself

Communion with the gifts etched in your DNA

This is a ritual practice to repair your blood lineages, the ancestors of your blood & bones.  This experiential & ritually safe practice was developed by Dr. Daniel Foor.

 Our sessions together are a safe space for you to interact with your ancestors, the well ones, and repair the parts of your lineage that are presently unwell. 

Ritual, when done in integrity, is technology.  Technology with deep roots in the divine.  There is an innate structure to it.  It is like a car, you can’t remove the engine from the other parts and expect to get where you desire to go.  You can’t put coffee in the gas tank and expect it to run.  Ancestral lineage repair has a structure, a technology that creates a safe ritual space to connect more deeply with your people & work with your ancestors, the well ones, to heal any unwell parts of your lines.

During our sessions, I will be grounded and in connection with my ancestors as support for our time together.  I will ensure that you stay centered, in connection with your guides and as a reminder to allow your ancestors to do the work (not you!)

I’m not your priest or your priestess.  I don’t hold the key as a conduit to your people.  I’m a holder of safe ritual space for you to deepen your connection with your blood lineage ancestors.   In essence, I’m your lifeguard on duty so you don’t end up flooded in the depths & in danger with the ghosts.

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I’m dedicated to creating safe ritual space for you to connect more deeply with your ancestors.

Payment For Your Sessions

One Hour Session ~ $90

New Clients ~ Initial Session (90 minutes) ~ $135

SEssion Packages

3 Sessions ~ $240

New Clients ~ Initial Session (90 mins) + 2 Sessions (60 mins each) ~ $280

10 Sessions ~ $750

**I’m committed to this ancestral healing work being accessible. If you are drawn to this work and cannot afford the session cost please reach out to me via email.**