Ignite Your Spark

You’re Dynamic

An Ever Growing & Changing Divine Being

During your journey, there are moments of pause, these moments have great value.  However, when a moment of pause turns into a feeling of STUCK it is time to Ignite Your Spark.

Time to ignite the fire that lives within you.

These are the places of no motion, where you are not where you want to be but can’t quite find the next path…the next step.

Often it is hard to step forward with clarity.

What if there was a way to step through your resistance with intuitive guidance to create more flow?

Whether you are stalled on a project you have a heartfelt desire to bring into the world…or you are resistant to stepping into your next life transition…or finding your footing in your self-identity even as you drop into being a mother.

An Ignite Your Spark Session will reignite your inspiration creating more clarity for you to take your next step in flow to express your Truth & create your Rhythm.


Create Your Clarity

I’m dedicated to creating space for you to stand more fully in your power & step through your resistance.  I’m dedicated to you feeling your innate value with clarity.

An Ignite Your Spark Session includes:

  * A 50 minute virtual clarifying call with me

a time to share yourself & receive intuitive guidance

* 2 Oracle Card pulls with Channeled Video of your guidance

1 Oracle Card video before our call & 1 Oracle Card video following our call

* Video recording of our time together

*Written Action Steps & Resources

for you within a week of our call with any additional messages

Energy Exchange for Your Session


**Special Pricing of $144 for April ONLY in celebration for my birthday**