You’re a Change Maker

 Our World Needs Your Voice NOW


Podcasting is transformative. 

It transforms you & transforms our world.

Join me on this activation journey to create your platform.

Feel into the excitement of sharing your voice, let the obstacles fall away.

The Down & Dirty Podcast Course is a unique combination of my inspired, intuitive flow & my strength of creating consistency with systems & rhythm.

I have the confidence to flow into my Honor The Feminine Podcast & share of myself & my guests on regular episodes because I have the structure to support my flow.

I have created my rhythm & engage with it to let my creativity flourish.

My structure, with its workflows & checklists, comes naturally to me.  

It is a dynamic rhythm to support my growth & evolution.

We will work together to create a rhythm that will work for YOU in this moment.

You desire to Share YOUR Voice

Together, we will feel into any resistance that you have coming up & you will receive the tools

to create YOUR podcast rhythm.

Showing up in a new way & creating a space for your voice to be truly heard can feel vulnerable & scary.

Often the obstacles that stop you in your tracks are either the technology, because

there is so much information to sift through, OR the accountability to create your podcast dream.

The Down & Dirty Podcast Course helps you clear your obstacles so you can share your voice & express your truth!

Are YOU Ready?


Spring Podcast course

May 24 ~ July 12

Podcast course INCLUDES:

* Weekly Group Calls with Shannon ~ Total of 7 Calls

Weekly meetings during the course to drop more deeply into the week’s theme.   This is a time to ask questions, face any obstacles & create relationships. Live participation in these calls will create the most impact for you as you step into creating your podcast.   The intention is also to record these calls.

* Video Modules & Handouts

You will have lifetime access to videos & checklists outlining the systems & technology.   This will help you cut through technology fears & be the foundation for you to create your rhythm.  

The Video Modules including:  *Recording Equipment   *Interviewing   *Editing Your Podcast   *Uploading Your Podcast   *Logo, Website & Show Notes   *Social Media

You will receive Handouts & Work Flow Checklists for you to follow and make your own as you create your rhythm.

* Exclusive FB Group for Feedback & Connection

A community to hold your vision & intention as you step into sharing yourself & your voice in a new way. This will be a place to feel supported & receive feedback on your logo, to brainstorm your rhythm & create accountability as you create.

* Clarifying Call ~ A 45 minute virtual call with me

This is a time to feel deeply into your podcast vision & identify any resistance & create clearing so you can move forward & share your voice & express your truth into the world. 

* Additional Support

There will be options for additional support as you create your podcast.


**You will receive lifetime access to the Course including any additions over time.**

Energy Exchange for Podcast Course


**Payment Plan is available.  2 payments of $246**


I’m committed to creating space for you to share your voice & express your truth more fully in the world.  I’m dedicated to you feeling your true power as you create your podcast rhythm & platform.


Esther Bailey-Bass-20150722-0068-2-FB Size.jpg
Before the Down & Dirty Podcast Course, for years, I desired to create and launch a podcast but lacked the resources, structure, and accountability necessary to start one. So my idea lay dormant for years.
When I learned about the Down & Dirty Podcast Course I took a leap of faith that it would be the instruction I needed to accelerate and eventually launch my first podcast. The Down & Dirty Podcast Course provided the structure with weekly video calls, check-ins, accountability, resources, information, Facebook community and a little nurturing that I needed to move forward.
At the end of the course, I had a step-by-step process for how to start, resources and tools to help build a solid foundation to develop and launch my podcast. I am excited about this project and look forward to launching this summer.
Esther Bailey-Bass, CPCC

About My Honor The Feminine Podcast

My Honor The Feminine Podcast went live on January 31, 2016.   Over the past 2 years, I created & published a weekly episode sharing amazing women & men who honor the feminine.  I created a rhythm for my podcast that worked for me to be consistent & truly honor each incredible guest.

Stepping into my 3rd year with my podcast I heard a deep call to shift the look & format. The call was to bring the podcast into alignment with my growth & expansion. How I honor feminine continues to evolve.  My original focus was on sisterhood & intuition & now it is more alive for me to honor her through embracing shadow & shame.

My podcast is a playground for me to deepen more fully with myself & create from a place to share that expansion with my  growing community.