Ep 94 ~ Kimberly Johnson MagaMama


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KIMBERLY ANN JOHNSON was a yoga teacher and bodyworker whose body, and life, was permanently altered when she sustained an injury during childbirth.

Determined not to get a full pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, she traveled the world learning about postpartum practices. After healing herself, she became a doula, Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner so that she could help women through this important and overlooked phase of development that is the postpartum period. As is taught in many traditional cultures, she believes that when nurtured and taken care of properly, women can emerge from this rite of passage stronger, more whole, and with more access to their power. S

he believes the same is true of relationship, that with the right tools, marriages and partnerships can be more connected and robust after children. For this reason, she wrote The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality to be published by Shambhala Press in December 2017.

To learn more about how to have a radiant postpartum experience and how to do a decent Kegel, go to her online home at magamama.com

Kimberly has a private practice in Encinitas and Los Angeles, CA specializing in birth injuries, birth trauma, and sexual health. She is the co-founder of the STREAM School for Postpartum Care with her mentor Ellen Heed, where they train professionals to help women heal from painful sex, birth injuries, and genital trauma.

Her most outstanding accomplishment is being a single mom to fiery 10-year-old, Brazilian daughter, Cecilia.


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For pelvic floor mapping: http://magamama.com/pelvic-mapping/

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Travel Image ~ Sensual Lineage

Banteay Srei, Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

The intricately carved pink sandstone of Banteay Srei is touted as the artistic jewel of all the temples of Angkor.  From the outside it appears very small and perhaps not worth the 30 kilometer tuk-tuk journey, but the incredible carvings and stories told on its wall are well worth the voyage.  The detail must have taken Khmer craftsmen endless hours to portray their reverence to sensuality.  The craftsmen devotion to the sensual myths of Khmer history of the demons & the goddess could be felt.  These are the preserved reminders of our global  lineage of sensuality & now is a time of deep remembering.


Ep 93 ~ Flora Ware Awaken The Goddess Within


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Flora Ware is a conscious dreamer, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, and Moon Circle Priestess. She is the creatrix of Goddess Dreamschool: an online feminine archetype journey through the 7 soul gates.

Flora helps women hear their soul's voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power. Flora is a best-selling co-author, workshop facilitator and speaker (you can catch her at the Awakened Woman Convergence in Arizona this October).

She lives in Vancouver, BC with her wife and son. 


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Travel Image ~ Haw Paw Flower


No one can escape experiencing the renowned Tiger Balm while traveling in Southeast Asia.  Many believe it is a miracle cure-all with its poignant aroma and slick feel.  The Haw Par Villa in Singapore was built by the Haw Par brothers from the fortune they amassed selling the famed Tiger Balm throughout the world.  The grounds of the Villa are filled with eccentric artistic pieces and hours can be spent exploring all of the incredible designs.  Many of the scenes depict tales from Chinese mythology & reverence to the divine feminine.  The flower design appeared on the back of a stage. The beauty was in the details and the worn look of having survived the elements.


Ep 92 ~ Molly Butler Listen To The Little Whisper


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Molly Butler is a fiercely loving leader dedicated to taking a stand for the life you deserve. After successfully achieving her lifelong dream in becoming a New York City hairstylist, her life was turned upside down when her father went missing in 2012.

Upon learning that he was murdered, she took over his insurance company with zero experience in the industry and sold it a year later after growing it substantially through a commitment to people.

Along the way she had no choice but to step deeply into the spiritual path, learning how to find true freedom through forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

She believes that there’s nothing that she can’t do and she proves this every day by stepping boldly into the impossible.


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Travel Image ~ Buddhist Grandmother

Bodhgaya, India

Each year thousands of Buddhist monks and pilgrims from around the world descend upon Bodhgaya for the World Peace Ceremony.  During the event, monks encircle the Bodhi tree where the Buddha was enlightened and chant for peace. Adding to the cacophony, Buddhist pilgrims perform numerous prayer rituals on the periphery.  The sound of the chants resonates through the air and will touch your soul.  One of the most incredible experiences is watching as the monks and pilgrims exit the Mahabodhi Temple at the end of the day.  The lane goes from near empty to a river of crimson robes in an instant.  The peace and openness of this Buddhist pilgrim radiates love & conveys the feeling of the entire incredible event.

Ep 91 ~ Tanya Casteel Spirit Animal Journeys


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Tanya Casteel is an Artist + Visionary.

Visualizations, meditations and Spiritual Guides inspire my Spirit Animal paintings and readings. My galaxy style watercolor paintings are an offering to you as a source of inspiration. A reminder of who you are, to trust your intuition, and to use your unique gifts.

I’m interested in the tension that’s created when we dance with what WE want to happen VS what actually WANTS to happen. As I paint, I play with this balance by creating an animal shaped container for water, color, and Spirit to flow in. Bring forth this wisdom to practice in everyday life.

I invite you to let intuition speak through your imagination.

Rainbow raindrops fall through my brush,

Dripping, splashing, flowing onto the page,

Held, supported, and loved by animal shaped containers,

Water, Color, and Spirit dance within its boundaries,

This is what wants to happen,

We remember, we trust, we shine.


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Travel Image ~ Zebra

Etosha National Park, Northern Namibia

During the dry season at Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia, the wildlife can be seen interacting at the waterholes throughout the barren landscape.  It is fascinating to watch giraffes and springbok, zebras and gemsbok all converge on one body of water.  One particularly memorable morning, all the animals were out and about but they seemed very skittish and hyper alert. Groups would cautiously drink from the watering hole, then suddenly flee and then return.  We suspected that a pack of lions was on the prowl and waited to see if they would emerge.  The lions never appeared but the tension and anxiety was palpable.  Of the wildlife, the zebras never fail to bring smiles with their eccentric black and white patterning and striped mohawks.  Plus, they are rebellious & cannot be domesticated.


Ep 90 ~ Yasmine Cheyenne Salve For Your Soul

YASMINE Bio FInal.jpg

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Yasmine is a writer, creative, & wellness advocate born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  An Air Force Veteran, Yasmine now focuses on writing for her blog and other blogs, such as The Huffington Post, publishing her books & poetry, running her non-profit, and building Greene Glow, her natural and plant-based skincare line. 

Yasmine resides in the Washington, DC area with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.


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Travel Image ~ Dragon Power

Boudha, Nepal

Boudha Chetiya near Kathmandu is a Buddhist community and at its center is the Boudnath Stupa.  The stupa is a symbol of enlightenment.  As the day dawns the bells of the Buddhist monastery in Boudha ring out the prayers of devotees.  This dragon is on the ceiling of one of the temples & watches over those who enter.  In mythology, the dragon represents the vital potential of falling rain and flowing water.  Life is a process of constant growth feeling into the flow creates some ease within the experience.

Ep 89 ~ Casey Erin Wood Your Authentic Self

Casey Bio Final.jpg

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As a writer, coach and founder of the Ruby Slipper School of Magic Casey Erin Wood has dedicated her life to helping women access the power and wisdom that has always been inside of  them. 

Through the Ruby Slipper School of Magic, Casey helps big-hearted creatives, soulful entrepreneurs and mission- driven women find the courage to get vulnerable and visible—so they can (finally!) make the connections they are craving and the impact they know they are meant to make.

Through rituals, practices and deep teachings, Casey helps women see, hear and trust in synchronicities and signs from the Universe and connect them with the magic that has always been inside of each of them.

Her ultimate goal? To bring you back home to yourself.

Wish you knew how to access the wisdom that lives inside you (instead of looking to yet another industry expert, spiritual guru or family member for the answers you’re seeking)? Come join the (free!) Ruby Slipper School of Magic Initiation Challenge and learn the fundamentals of accessing your innate wisdom and power: http://bit.ly/2qQOuw8


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Travel Image ~ Bloom Your Brilliance

In The Garden, Northern California

Being out in the world created  space for a deeper relationship & devotion in all areas of my life.  The Crabapple Blossoms bounce off the landscape with their shocking pink hue.  Femme Rose Vif, an infamous deity, floats her way through the sky granting wishes along the way.  May she enchant you.  May your devotion to her activate the blooming of your brilliance as it wells up within you.


Ep 88 ~ Alana Fairchild Oracle Wisdom


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Alana Fairchild is one of Australia’s most respected metaphysical teachers and self-help authors. Alana writes, sings, dances and channels her way into the hearts of thousands of people around the world with her bestselling oracle decks, books, meditations and sacred music.

Alana has a unique approach to her work, combining music, dance, voice, channeling, sacred ritual and energy work to create a powerful experience of the divine. Feedback from her workshops is consistently high, participants calling them ‘mind blowing’ and ‘life changing’. Her oracle decks are considered by many to be the best in the world, earning her the title of ‘oracle goddess’ and inspiring a devoted following of her work.

Alana provides a professionally-recognised online training program for healers, and teaches workshops and performs her sacred music internationally. She has an extensive body of work including books, meditation CDs, sacred music, oracle decks and affirmation cards for those keen to discover and deepen their own unique spiritual path.

Her commercial appeal extends to a broader mainstream market with a series of self help books, cards, guided relaxation CDs and uplifting music.

Alana’s signature approach is loving, comforting, humorous and empowering. Her mainstream market self-help material, including fun-touse books like “What to do when you don’t know what to do” and “55 Keys” and her best-selling “Butterfly Affirmations” cards, support even the uncertain beginner to let go of fear and find more happiness and confidence in life.

Alana’s creative projects include the Divine Circus, a feel-good, high energy electro-pop dance act with live vocals and drumming. Divine Circus is the ultimate festival closing act, sending the audience home on a high. Divine Circus also hosts exceptionally well-received private dance events, creating a safe and conscious environment for people to dance and express themselves, getting wild and feeling uplifted.

Alana is known for her very open and loving nature, her sense of humour, beautiful singing voice, feminine appearance and seemingly endless creative energy which results in new products and projects being created at an unusually rapid rapid. She’s been labelled a ‘publishing phenomenon’.

She is regularly interviewed on radio and has been interviewed on TV, encouraging those who want to live a happier and more beautiful life to believe in themselves and take a leap of faith.

Alana has been in conscious connection with her spiritual guidance her entire life and from that she learned two things. Firstly, that not everyone has that gift and secondly, that she could use it to help people find peace, happiness and fulfilment in their lives. She does this through the many facets of her work.

With tertiary degrees in literature and law, as well as training in numerous creative healing fields including psychotherapy and counselling, dance, music, meditation, channelling and energy healing, Alana unites her bohemian, free-spirited nature with discipline and dedication to her sacred work.

Alana is passionate about empowerment, freedom and the spirit that lives within every human being. She believes that every person has a sacred life purpose and works with them to uncover their innate talents and live the life they are divinely meant to live. She also believes - very strongly - in the healing power of fun. Which is quite possibly why she is so often heard laughing.

Her website is  alanafairchild.com



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ALANA Sun Door.jpg


Travel Image ~ Lotus Gate

Jaipur, India

The City Palace in Jaipur is within the old city amongst the dusty pink dwellings and shops that dominate the landscape.  Within the confines of the palace walls is Pritam Niwas Chowk, a courtyard that houses four intricately designed doors representing the seasons.  This is the Southwest Lotus Gate, dedicated to Shiva and Parvati, represents the summer season & divine union.  The lotus grows from the depths.  The lotus opens anew each day and has a chance to experience the world in a whole new way. 

Ep 87 ~ Stephanie Burg Deep Body Communion


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Stephanie Burg was a professional ballerina for over a decade.  After years of restrictive, disordered eating and utter disregard for her body, a series of injuries took her from the stage and forced her to reevaluate every facet of her life, starting with her relationship to her body. 

Now a Board Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie is a fierce advocate for the human form, drawing upon her expertise in movement and studies in holistic nutrition, gut health, food allergies and emotional well-being to teach women how to return to the innate wisdom and brilliance of their female bodies by shedding outmoded, limiting beliefs and prioritizing excellent nutrition and self-care. Stephanie believes that when a woman loves the body she calls home, she embraces her power to create the life she was born to live.

Stephanie’s work has been featured in publications such as ABC News, Colorado Public Radio, Dance Magazine, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, and various national and local publications.  Stephanie was selected as one of Charleston, SC’s “50 Most Progressive” celebrating the most forward-thinking individuals having an impact on the future of Charleston.

Don't miss Stephanie's 7 Day Formula for FINALLY Loving the Body You Call Home by visiting: http://www.stephanieburgcoaching.com/


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STEPHANIE Buddha Reflection.jpg


Travel Image ~ Finding Goddess Within

Pokara, Nepal

The mountains of the Himalayas loom around Pokhara.  The air is different…clearer, fresher…an easier conduit of the magic that lives all around us.  There is a lightness of being that washed over me as I sat serenely listening to the prayer flags flapping their prayers into the wind.  As I was strolling around Pokhara I came upon this Goddess reflected in a window.  She drew me in & shared her message with me…her message of the Goddess resides within…it is your divine right to know her & commune with her.