Ep 102 ~ Shame Game Series #3 ~ Walking Into The Dark


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I’m a NO to Shame.

At first glance my response is DUH! who the fuck is a yes to shame? Of course I’m a NO to shame. I would bet you are too.

Here’s the thing…

While I am intellectually a No to shame I have some places in my life where I have allowed shame to continue to dwell. Where I have not lived into being a NO to shame.

Let me share some of the places where is has become clear that I not living my NO to shame. It is messy…I don’t know where all this is going…I am surrendering to co-creation to end my Shame Game.

Join me on the journey of the Shame Game Series!


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Oracle Card

Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

The deep shadow on her face beautifully represents my last few weeks walking in my shadow.  The message from Mother Mary is around protecting your spiritual deepening in this moment.

An acknowledgment that you are entering into another level of spiritual experience to heal.

It also speaks to keeping you grounded & authentic in the your world even as you deepen your divine self.

The love of Mother Mary flows through these cards & always makes me feel held in her love & grace.