Ep 16 ~ Irene Fehr Sexual Healing

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Lover, healer, guide, fire igniter, Irene teaches women about sexual pleasure - how to ask for it, receive it and enjoy it. Inspired by her own experience discovering the feminine through sex, she leads women on the journey of connecting to their sexual woman inside through their body, mind and soul. 

 Her mission is to empower every woman to create and receive sexual pleasure and connection that nourishes her soul.

Through her framework of Desire|Pleasure|Truth, Irene teaches women how to connect to their body, feel desire, enjoy unbridled sexual pleasure, and ask for what they want unapologetically. 

 Irene is a frequent speaker, workshop facilitator, writer, as well as a Huffington Post blogger who writes about "connection sex", women's sexuality and pleasure.

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Travel Image ~ Shades of a Woman

Havana, Cuba

The buildings and sidewalks of Havana come alive with gorgeous expression.  The Cubans elevate graffiti as an art form of the highest level.  Vibrant colors and hopeful messages mix with images that contain an aura of reality.  Being surrounded by the art makes the city vibrate in a unique way.  This woman of the wall is quizzical and innocent with a hint of sadness and wonder.