Ep 2 ~ Karen Stobbe Alzheimer's & Improv

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I was working as an improvisor, actor, writer and instructor of theater, making a happy Mac'n'Cheese type living and thought, ' One day I may own a theatre or run an improv club. Life is good.'

Life wanted to throw in a plot twist. 

 My Dad, Manfred was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and a switch was turned on that filled me with the need to understand all I could about this disease. I did. My life now has been about facilitating workshops, presenting keynotes and assisting in writing curriculum, all to help people understand the world of the disease and the person living with the disease. 

 Dad died in 2000 and my Mom, Virginia was diagnosed a year and a half later. 

 My life has been surrounded by Alzheimer's. And that is not a bad thing - just different. I believe we need to change how we see persons living with dementia, break down the wall of stigma and show what life CAN be for everyone involved. And we can all have a better quality of life. 

 I live in Black Mountain, NC with my incredible husband, my amazing daughter, my 90 year old Mom and our 4 furry friends.

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Ted Med ~ http://www.tedmed.com/speakers/show?id=526373


Travel Image ~ My Mom

Martinez, California

Normally I introduce our guest with an image that I captured on my travels abroad, because that is where I began to hear my intuition again.  Today is a little different.  Today the image I am sharing is of my Mom.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nearly 6 years ago at the age of 62.  I took this image as part of a workshop a year before she was diagnosed.  This is the woman I remember, the woman that believed so fiercely in me no matter what crazy path I was pursuing.  So while this image may not have been taken abroad it captures so much of my journey back to me and the support we find on our journey.