Ep 31 ~ Lisa Lister Connect With Your SHE Power

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Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine – I know, right? – I’m Lisa Lister, (formerly known as Lisa Clark until I married a hot viking and decided that Lisa Lister sounded far more super-hero-y.)

I’m creatrix of The SASSY SHE  and I help girls and women to physically, energetically + spiritually reconnect with their body + their SHE Power through the wisdom of their womb, menstrual cycle, vag – in fact, their ENTIRE lady landscape –  in badass Boudicca style, RARRR.
Basically, when you work with me, read my books, read the blog, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to create a bloody amazing business/relationship/life. Period.

I’m a called girl.
(Not to be confused with a call girl. That’s something entirely different. Although, if you’re not following your big beat-y heart and you’re pimping yo’self out in a job or a life you don’t dig, there might be something in that.)

A Called Girl experiences life, moment to moment.
She’s in tune with her feminine cycles, her body’s rhythms and the cycles + seasons of the moon + mumma nature – this allows her to fully own her divine, feminine SHE Power.
Our SHE Power is the power to see and embrace things that are beyond our control, the things that our heart yearns for – intimacy, creative expression, authenticity, sisterhood and being of service. It’s no wonder that we suffer so much stress in modern life; our energies – physical, mental, emotional + creative – have been forced into a structure that is masculine, yang energy and simply doesn’t fit with the natural flow of the female cycle.

She doesn’t hold on too tightly to a defined and specific outcome, in fact, she doesn’t care to much for that at all.
Instead she shows up, raises her heart and boobs to the sun, open to the infinite possibilities that occur when you collaborate with the divine.

 What was my call?
To write a new story.
One in which you, me and the entirety o’ lady-kind connect with the power of the moon and our menstrual cycles, come into a ‘I really dig you’ relationship with our bodies no matter what shape or form we are in, and stake our claim in the world by telling our deepest, heart-thumping truth, no matter how messy and imperfect that might look and feel.
Forget self-help books, THIS is how you launch a business, make money, rock out in your relationship, have awesome sex and create an amazing life.


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Travel Image ~ Lady In Red

Osiyan, India

The bleak deserts of Rajasthan create a canvas for women dressed in intense hues to splash the landscape with bursts of color.   This woman outside the small town of Osiyan lights up in red.  She is a new bride, as indicated by the red sari she adorns and the intricate henna designs on her hand. The henna adornment signifies the strength of love in a marriage.  No matter where a woman resides in the world she a being of shakti…the power that links and births us all.