Ep 41 ~ Fernanda Lodeiro Spiritual Midwife

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Fernanda Lodeiro is a Whole Fertile Life and Feminine Leadership coach and, as she likes to say, the Soul midwife for your future children. With a PhD in biochemistry and training as both a holistic health coach and life coach, Fernanda integrates a scientific based approach to nutrition, supplementation and exercise with coaching techniques and spiritual practices to improve mind-body-spirit wellbeing in preparation for “baby calling” and parenting. She also supports women ready to step into their creative power and own their gifts to bring their life to a new level by walking the path of Feminine Leadership.

Fernanda got her PhD from University of Buenos Aires and then moved to the U.S. where she did her postdoc in mitochondrial biology, studying the powerhouses of our cells, where energy is made. As a holistic health coach, Fernanda graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is accredited by the Association of Drugless Practitioners. She completed her Life coaching training with Jeannine Yoder at Mentor Masterclass. Fernanda is also a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, Reiki healer and writer. An avid gardener and herbalist, she’s a devoted student who embraces personal development to better serve her students and clients.

For years Fernanda has been inspiring and mentoring students in a research lab setting, classrooms, fitness centers and studios, as well as private clients in her coaching practice. Fernanda loves to spread positive vibes through writing and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post.

After a long journey of reclaiming a Whole Fertile Life for herself and her family and learning how to bring healing and alignment into her mind-body-spirit along the way, Fernanda embodies what she teaches. She now lives with her family, her adorable and supportive husband, her sweet baby boy and two furry cat babies in Happy Valley, nested in beautiful Pennsylvania. She works from home connecting with people around the world spreading her message of self love and nurturance first. She can frequently be found in the garden, connecting to Mother Earth or making magic with herbs.


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FERNANDA ~ Himba Baby at Breast (05-AFR-2003).jpg

Travel Image ~ Himba Baby with Mama

Himba Village, Northern Namibia

Spending time with a Himba tribe in Northern Namibia will always be a memorable experience.  The Himba are nomadic cattle herders who move with their cattle to different water sources throughout the year.  This image always reminds me of the deep feminine experience of being a mother.  As mothers we desire to love, protect & nurture our children no matter where we live or what culture we were raised.  Motherhood is the land of heart and soul.