Ep 47 ~ Sarajane Case Connecting You To Yourself

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Sarajane Case is a business and lifestyle consultant focused on helping people to better understand themselves and their work habits. She works with business owners & people working toward developing their business to refine their vision, identify their goals and put plans into place that will lead to a business and life that inspires them. 

She does this work through her partnership program, workshops, and one-on-one consulting.


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Travel Image ~ Open Window

Si Phan Don, Laos

Si Phan Don is a collection of 1,000 small islands in Southern Laos in the Mekong River.  There is an ease to the pace of life there.  The space exists to feel your own innate rhythm.  Spending full afternoons swinging back & forth in a hammock creates a sense of time lengthening out.  The slowdown creates a deeper appreciation for the simple beauty woven throughout our lives.  Simple beauty can be overlooked and in a fast pace you can miss the magic of color and texture coming together.