Ep 53 ~ Joy Resor Bringer of Joy


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Joy humbly serves, plays and allows books to be written through her on the road and when she's home in western North Carolina with a quiet mind, an open heart and a joyful spirit.

She's an Alliance of Divine Love Minister, certified in spiritual direction and founder of Joy on Your Shoulders through which she offers spiritual counseling, Batik cotton wares with meaning, books that inspire, journaling classes, spiritual circles, the Joy Movement and a free newsletter.

Soon, Joy will give empowering talks.


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JOY RESOR Namibian Desert.jpg

Travel Image ~ Namibian Desert

Sossusvlei, Namibia

The magic of the desert is enveloping as the red sand dunes at Sossusvlei surround you.  The contrast between the red hills of sand and the crisp blue sky is surreal.  The perfect waves etched into the landscape by constant wind reveal nature’s true beauty and all its elements working together in harmony.  Sossusvlei is pure magic & joy.