Ep 105 ~ Shame Game Series #5 ~ Maria Kurylo ~ Shame Around Being A Woman


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I’m a NO to Shame.

At first glance my response is DUH! who the fuck is a yes to shame? Of course I’m a NO to shame. I would bet you are too.

Here’s the thing…

While I am intellectually a No to shame I have some places in my life where I have allowed shame to continue to dwell. Where I have not lived into being a NO to shame.

The Shame Game series came about through conversations with women that I love, including Maria Kurylo.

Maria has been called to Liberate my inner Wisdom-Keeper and be a part of the lineage of shadow hunters and light bearers who are actively working to usher in the new consciousness on Earth, which involves bringing forth Love, Kindness, Inclusivity, Mystical Connection, Healing and Soul-Expansion. 

This journey has taken her into the darkest of the dark places, deep into fear, doubt, shame and completely breaking apart so that she could reconfigure, heal and rise once again as the powerful liberated Priestess that she is.

Connect with Maria:


Magdalene Retreat with Maria ~ http://mariakurylo.com/events-retreats/

Join the Honor The Feminine Movement: https://www.facebook.com/groups/honorthefeminine/


Oracle Card

Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

As Maria & I dove into the archetypal energy of Mary Magdalene  the message from Mother Mary was around the Sacred Son & the dance of the divine masculine & divine feminine energy within each of us.

It is a reminder the Christ consciousness of love lives within your soul & will awaken as you are ready to receive it through the Mother Mary's grace.

This is a moment of sacred birth.

As we each birth divine masculine through the love & power of the divine feminine now!