Ep 106 ~ Jenn Bradshaw Talking About The Stars


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Jenn Bradshaw Almond is the Modern Woman’s Guide to Sacred Wisdom who supports women at a crossroad in their business to create healthy energetic boundaries in their life so they can be seen and heard in their brilliance.  

As a Astrologer and Energy Healing  Coach, her passion for understanding and balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, was derived from her own journey.  She has a vast resume of healing modalities to include: Certified Flower Essence Practitioner from the school of Woman Rising, Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist (TM),  Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and more.  


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2018 Astro Summer Grand Slam of Events:  http://jennbradshaw.com/astro-grand-slam/

The Moon Adventures Society:  http://jennbradshaw.com/moon-adventures-society/


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Oracle Card

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

On the podcast, the Dark Blue Galactic Dragon brought the message of listening to the voice of the universe & accessing cosmic wisdom.

This 9th dimension dragon harnesses the light of the stars, planets & constellations.

This dragon's light can ignite hidden codes of your master blueprint.

This is an invitation to communicate with the masters of the universe ~ the Intergalactic Council.