Ep 108 ~ Shannon Ledford Surrendering

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I am the daughter of Sandra & the mother of Satyana.

My people hail from Italy 🇮🇹 and the British Isles. 

My mother’s people hail from the lands around Genoa, Italy.  My grandmothers on my father’s lineage hail from the lands around Lucca, Italy.  My grandfathers in my father’s lineage hail from Great Britain by way of the islands of the north.

I grew up on the ancestral lands of the Pomo in Northern CA. I now reside on the ancestral land of the Cherokee in the mountains of Western NC near Asheville.

I create safe ritual space for deep connection with your ancestors.

I have sought belonging through my numerous iterations this lifetime.  Seeking the gifts & blessings from growing up as a farmer’s daughter in CA to my time as a corporate lawyer in Manhattan & as a travel photographer all over the world. Presently, I’m deepening into myself as a mother & ancestral healing practitioner.

All the threads of this life , my life, weave together in a unique way as I honor my people and the blessings they etched in my DNA.

I recently completed the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner training with Daniel Foor & now the rhythm of my life is informed deeply by my ancestors.  The healing of my blood lineage has been a potent & enlivening journey.  It is a wholly different, and welcome, experience for me to feel so resourced by my people in the unseen world.  It is an honor to hold safe ritual space for my clients to connect with and know their people more fully.

I honor my ancestors, the blood & bone that came before me and continues to live on within me & my daughter.


Connect with Shannon:

Website: www.honorthefeminine.com

Ancestral Healing Session with Shannon are now available.



Oracle Card

Santa Muerte Oracle by Fabio Listrani

This is a message of death & letting go as part of the continual cycle of rebirth. It is a reminder that all of the at our disposal in this lifetime is on loan to us and it is our responsibility to transform it in the most positive and beautiful way possible throughout our existence.

Release what is not working.

Know that birth here is death in the land of your ancestors and death here is a birth into the land of your ancestors.