Ep 112 ~ Irene Ammar Practical Ritual Work

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Irene Ammar is a ritualist and herbalist whose work focuses on bringing people into direct relationships with the healthy roots of their ancestors. She especially loves working with lineage repair around babies and parenting, and bringing the ancestors on board as a source of insight and support for us as we become parents.
Her people are from Old Europe, and she takes seriously the need to safely engage with collective harms so that the tides can turn toward health in all of our families and communities.

To find out more, please visit her website at www.ireneammar.com


Connect with Irene:

Website: www.ireneammar.com

Find her on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/irene.ammar.5

Irene is now offering a four-part online program for integrating the ancestral healing work with parenthood initiation. To find out more:


Oracle Card

Earth Magic by Steven Farmer

Lotus Flower for Unfoldment

Lotus is one of my favorites because the roots are really rooted in the mud and muck.

Then the flower opens up anew every day to gather all that is meant for it.

In the evening as the sun goes down that flower closes.

It gives itself time to rest and properly integrate.

It mirrors the spiritual path, the natural enfoldment and the surrender to without forcing.