Ep 111 ~ Larisa Noonan On Becoming A Ritualist

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Larisa Noonan is an Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner who has specialized for nearly two decades in trauma healing, embodiment skills, and supporting healthy boundaries. She weaves ritual and nature connection into all of her offerings and is passionate about supporting grief and loss, recovery from religious fundamentalism, and those with chronic pain/illness.

She lives with her husband and son in Oregon on the ancestral homelands of the Kalapuya people.

Her ancestors are from France, the Netherlands via Ukraine, Germany, and Switzerland and her work/life is rooted in earth-honoring ritual, embodying ancestral gifts, and reclaiming animist values. 


Connect with Larisa:

Website: http://larisanoonan.com/

Find peace and perspective (ebook): Dissolving Overwhelm with Owl

Virtual ancestral healing circle: www.larisanoonan.com/ancestral-healing-circle

Relevant blog post: Walking the Knife's Edge - A Message of Celebration

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Oracle Card

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Silver Lunar Dragon

She bathes you in divine feminine light. Invites you to come into balance & practice peace, harmony & cooperation.

She has woven in with her the energy of the full moon & this preparation for a more golden age where the feminine and masculine are more harmonized.

This is stepping into a more divine dance and balance together.