Ep 110 ~ Setya Selter Your Dreams & Your Ancestors

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Seyta Selter is a certified practitioner of ancestral lineage healing, and also practices depth psychology (embodied dreamwork and hypnotherapy) and spiritual counseling in Olympia, WA and online.

has an MA in East-West Psychology, is an adjunct faculty of dream psychology and consciousness studies at the Evergreen State College, and is also Dr. Daniel Foor’s assistant, managing Ancestral Medicine development. 

Her ancestors hail from New York, Illinois, and Tennessee, the Jewish diaspora, continental Europe, and the British Isles. 

She enjoys working with folks new to trance modalities and believes that relating with the unseen is a natural, enriching aspect of human experience.

She is currently focusing on teaching, supporting Ancestral Medicine, and developing NORD (the Non-Ordinary Reality Database), a public science website serving as the Google for the collective unconscious with journaling, indexing, analysis, and community features around subjective experiences with the inner senses.

For more info see: www.innerlands.org and www.nordcommons.org.


Connect with Seyta:

Website: www.innerlands.org

NORD website: www.nordcommons.org

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Oracle Card

Earth Magic by Steven Farmer

Waterfall for Effortless

The waterfull brings gracefulness & powerfulness.

It speaks to flowing around that which would otherwise impede. It further speaks to the carving the landscape over time.

Finding even ease at the edge of your comfort zone rather than struggle.