Ep 84 ~ Miyuki Yamamoto Guide To Your Divine Power


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My professional services have been developed over more than 25 years while living and working in 3 countries: Japan, U.S.A. (12 years), and Australia (6 years).

I was initially trained as a hospice nurse, and later developed a career in psychology, mind-body therapy, energy healing, counseling, and associated consulting and training.

My life turned full circle 4 years ago when I returned to Japan with my husband and, then, 18 month old daughter. 

My private practice in Japan includes time shared with one-on-one clients, group workshops, organization training, university lecturing, and corporate clients.  Training programs range in length from 3 months to 3 years.   

Last year I published 2 books (my first), in Japanese.  These are:  “Transforming Your Self- image through body awareness,” & “Free yourself from Negative Body Image”


I will be co-hosting spiritual retreats for women with Amy Tatsumi in 2018.

Please see the details here: http://www.amytatsumi.com/retreats/


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MIYUKI Angkor Wat Face  (05-SEA-3005).jpg

Travel Image ~ Face of Peace

Bayon, Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

The temples of Angkor in Cambodia rise up out of the jungle.  None is more impressive than Bayon at the center of Angkor Thom.  Bayon was constructed around 1200 A.D. by Jayavarman VII, the most prolific builder of all the Khmer kings. Two hundred and sixteen humungous faces depict Avalokitesvara, the Buddhist god deemed the “Lord who looks down on the World.”.  The survival of these temples and the details within their construction is a testament to the incredible power and artistry of the ancestors of Cambodia.  There is a strength that emanates from these peaceful faces.