Ep 89 ~ Casey Erin Wood Your Authentic Self

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As a writer, coach and founder of the Ruby Slipper School of Magic Casey Erin Wood has dedicated her life to helping women access the power and wisdom that has always been inside of  them. 

Through the Ruby Slipper School of Magic, Casey helps big-hearted creatives, soulful entrepreneurs and mission- driven women find the courage to get vulnerable and visible—so they can (finally!) make the connections they are craving and the impact they know they are meant to make.

Through rituals, practices and deep teachings, Casey helps women see, hear and trust in synchronicities and signs from the Universe and connect them with the magic that has always been inside of each of them.

Her ultimate goal? To bring you back home to yourself.

Wish you knew how to access the wisdom that lives inside you (instead of looking to yet another industry expert, spiritual guru or family member for the answers you’re seeking)? Come join the (free!) Ruby Slipper School of Magic Initiation Challenge and learn the fundamentals of accessing your innate wisdom and power: http://bit.ly/2qQOuw8


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Travel Image ~ Bloom Your Brilliance

In The Garden, Northern California

Being out in the world created  space for a deeper relationship & devotion in all areas of my life.  The Crabapple Blossoms bounce off the landscape with their shocking pink hue.  Femme Rose Vif, an infamous deity, floats her way through the sky granting wishes along the way.  May she enchant you.  May your devotion to her activate the blooming of your brilliance as it wells up within you.