Ep 91 ~ Tanya Casteel Spirit Animal Journeys


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Tanya Casteel is an Artist + Visionary.

Visualizations, meditations and Spiritual Guides inspire my Spirit Animal paintings and readings. My galaxy style watercolor paintings are an offering to you as a source of inspiration. A reminder of who you are, to trust your intuition, and to use your unique gifts.

I’m interested in the tension that’s created when we dance with what WE want to happen VS what actually WANTS to happen. As I paint, I play with this balance by creating an animal shaped container for water, color, and Spirit to flow in. Bring forth this wisdom to practice in everyday life.

I invite you to let intuition speak through your imagination.

Rainbow raindrops fall through my brush,

Dripping, splashing, flowing onto the page,

Held, supported, and loved by animal shaped containers,

Water, Color, and Spirit dance within its boundaries,

This is what wants to happen,

We remember, we trust, we shine.


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TANYA CASTEEL 05-AFR- 2005- Zebra.jpg


Travel Image ~ Zebra

Etosha National Park, Northern Namibia

During the dry season at Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia, the wildlife can be seen interacting at the waterholes throughout the barren landscape.  It is fascinating to watch giraffes and springbok, zebras and gemsbok all converge on one body of water.  One particularly memorable morning, all the animals were out and about but they seemed very skittish and hyper alert. Groups would cautiously drink from the watering hole, then suddenly flee and then return.  We suspected that a pack of lions was on the prowl and waited to see if they would emerge.  The lions never appeared but the tension and anxiety was palpable.  Of the wildlife, the zebras never fail to bring smiles with their eccentric black and white patterning and striped mohawks.  Plus, they are rebellious & cannot be domesticated.