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Molly Butler is a fiercely loving leader dedicated to taking a stand for the life you deserve. After successfully achieving her lifelong dream in becoming a New York City hairstylist, her life was turned upside down when her father went missing in 2012.

Upon learning that he was murdered, she took over his insurance company with zero experience in the industry and sold it a year later after growing it substantially through a commitment to people.

Along the way she had no choice but to step deeply into the spiritual path, learning how to find true freedom through forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.

She believes that there’s nothing that she can’t do and she proves this every day by stepping boldly into the impossible.


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Travel Image ~ Buddhist Grandmother

Bodhgaya, India

Each year thousands of Buddhist monks and pilgrims from around the world descend upon Bodhgaya for the World Peace Ceremony.  During the event, monks encircle the Bodhi tree where the Buddha was enlightened and chant for peace. Adding to the cacophony, Buddhist pilgrims perform numerous prayer rituals on the periphery.  The sound of the chants resonates through the air and will touch your soul.  One of the most incredible experiences is watching as the monks and pilgrims exit the Mahabodhi Temple at the end of the day.  The lane goes from near empty to a river of crimson robes in an instant.  The peace and openness of this Buddhist pilgrim radiates love & conveys the feeling of the entire incredible event.