Ep 99 ~ Samiel Carolina Shadow & Light Integration


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Samiel’s work is based on a lifetime of studying the feminine. Her personal journey to fully embrace and embody her femininity in an authentic way took her from exploring diverse body work techniques to fashion and modelling, to quantum psychology, alternative therapy, energy healing and spiritual South American traditions.

As a soulful healer, an intuitive evolutionary visionaire, as well as a speaker, writer and international retreat leader, Samiel’s mission is to transform the world into a safe space to express ourselves and love each other, one woman at a time. Her work is beautifully designed to help you remember that you are powerful, magical and beautiful. She offers women a way to access their unique gifts that enable them to thrive, love openly and to come back to a place of peace, clarity and creativity whenever they need it.

Samiel walks the sacred Mayan Traditional Path with the Grandmothers of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala since 2010; she has been named “New Pan African Woman of Vision and Change”; and her inspiring personal journey has been featured in several books, magazines and online journals.

A surprising fact about Samiel: she’s passionate about animals, in particular cats, to the point that she studied animal communication and became a cat whisperer.

If you are craving for sustainable transformation, discover the path of the Glowing Woman that liberates you and gives you access to your unique glowing feminine essence with private mentoring, sacred readings, group coaching and courageous conversations on Samiel’s blog.


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Oracle Card

Demeter from the Mythic Oracle by Carisa Mellado

On the podcast, Demeter brought the message of harvest. It is time to reap the bounty of the seeds you have planted.

Demeter is an earth goddess that through her mythology reminds us of the ebb & flow of the seasons ~ the abundant times & the barren, restful times.

Demeter is the mother is Persephone.  When Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, emerges Demeter brings Spring to the land & when Persephone returns to the underworld Demeter goes quiet & brings for winter.